Custom Care Pharmacy is special and unique in every way.

We offer a personalized approach to the provision of services and utilize innovative technology to ensure optimal customr results every single time.

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We are leagues beyond all our other competitors when it comes to providing pharmacy services, making sure to not only meet our customers’ needs but exceed their expectations in every way. It is our duty to provide solutions that guarantee long term results and to offer the knowledge and skills that allow our customers to take active roles in the managing of their health and quality of life.

Knowledgeable, Courteous and Fast Service

Custom Care Pharmacy offers exceptional services delivered by an outstanding staff!

We are known for standard-setting services that are well and truly exceptional. It is our duty to provide nothing less than outstanding results in every service rendered, in every solution provided, and for every customr in need.

With the help of our courteous and knowledgeable professionals, we can offer you everything you need in the fastest and most efficient ways. There is no question we won’t be able to answer, no problem we won’t be able to provide a solution for, and no health challenge we won’t be able to help you conquer.

Medication Therapy Management

We offer a comprehensive service that allows you to better manage your healthcare.

Custom Care Pharmacy delivers a superior, comprehensive brand of medical care provided by a team of experienced and highly-trained pharmacists. The primary goal of our medication management service is to offer personalized therapeutic solutions that lead to optimal patient outcomes. Our pharmacists engage in the following professional activities to enhance healthcare management in the most effective and efficient ways.

  • Comprehensive patient assessment and medication review
  • Planning and implementing medication treatment plans
  • Monitoring effectiveness and safety of therapeutic programs
  • Improving adherence to medication regimens
  • Empowering patients, allowing them to take active roles in their healthcare management

Unit or Multi-dose Compliance Packaging

Offering Unit or multi-dose packaging with compliance-enhancing features!

We offer unit or multi dose packaging with compliance enhancing formats, allowing our customers to promptly adhere to their medication regimens. Our unique brand of packaging reminds people whether or not they have taken their medicine. It is through our exceptional compliance packaging service that we are able to help the individuals under our care to better manage their pharmaceutical needs.

Medication Synchronization

Collaborate with our dedicated and highly trained pharmacists to improve medication adherence.

We build solid pharmacist-patient relationships that guarantee optimal results each and every time. Through medication synchronization, we are able to continuously improve adherence and quality care. It is our job to make things as convenient as possible for our customers, allowing them to pick up their ongoing prescriptions on a single day every month and collaborate closely with our pharmacists to ensure proper compliance to medication regimens.

Free Delivery to your home or office

Bringing your orders right to your doorstep, absolutely free of charge!

We want our customers to only worry about one thing: getting better. Our team of passionate and highly-trained professionals would gladly take care of the rest. If you don’t have the time to pick-up your orders or would rather stay at home and rest, you can simply avail of our free delivery service.

  • Our services are fast, easy, convenient, and personalized to meet yours and your family’s needs

  • We offer free delivery services to your home or workplace

  • We provide pharmacy services that are specifically-designed for group homes, assisted living facilities, hospice settings, and nursing homes

  • We offer comprehensive medication therapy management for patients

  • We get our highly-trained and dedicated pharmacists closely involved with your care through our medication synchronization service

  • Offering you easier and more convenient ways to refill and transfer prescription medication

  • We offer non-sterile compounding

  • Our data bank has up-to-date manufacturer coupons of brand name drugs to assist patients with co-pays for medications

  • We offer competitive prices for non-insured patients

Custom Care Pharmacy is unique for a lot of reasons; a fact you will soon realize the moment you avail of our services. We urge you to partner with us today so we can take special care of yours and your family’s health.

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